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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 60, Number 6, December25 2016, pages 1039-1061

Nonlinear model to predict the torsional response of U-shaped thin-walled RC members
Shenggang Chen, Yinghua Ye, Quanquan Guo, Shaohong Cheng and Bo Diao

    Based on Vlasov\'s torsional theory of open thin-walled members and the nonlinear constitutive relations of materials, a nonlinear analysis model to predict response of open thin-walled RC members subjected to pure torsion is proposed in the current study. The variation of the circulatory torsional stiffness and warping torsional stiffness over the entire loading process and the impact of warping shear deformation on the torsion-induced rotation of the member are considered in the formulation. The torque equilibrium differential equation is then solved by Runge-Kutta method. The proposed nonlinear model is then applied to predict the behavior of five U-shaped thin-walled RC members under pure torsion. Four of them were tested in an earlier experimental study by the authors and the testing data of the fifth one were reported in an existing literature. Results show that the analytical predictions based on the proposed model agree well with the experimental data of all five specimens. This clearly shows the validity of the proposed nonlinear model analyzing behavior of U-shaped thin-walled RC members under pure torsion.
Key Words
    U-shaped RC members; thin-walled members; warping torsion; nonlinear stiffness; warping shear deformation
Shenggang Chen, Quanquan Guo: Department of Civil Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, 100191, China
Yinghua Ye, Bo Diao: Department of Civil Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, 100191, China; State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, 510641, China
Shaohong Cheng: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4, Canada

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