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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 60, Number 2, October25 2016, pages 211-223

Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete plates under fluid impact. Part I: experiments
Hasan Korucu

    Static loading and fluid impact tests on plates containing mesh reinforcement and polypropylene fibers in ratios of 0 to 3% by volume were performed. The objective was to observe the effect of fluid mass on the total impulse that caused the impact event and the influence of fiber amount on the impact resistance, and to estimate the velocity of fluid that causes scabbing, perforation or total disintegration. The study is the first to express the fluid impact resistance of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete plates.
Key Words
    fluid impact; polypropylene fibers; projectile; plate; static loading
Hasan Korucu: Turkish Armed Forces Headquarters, Department of Engineering, 06100 Bakanliklar, Ankara, Turkey: Purdue University, Lyles School of Civil Engineering, West Lafayette, IN 47907, United States

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