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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 6, Number 5, July 1998 , pages 517-527

Natural vibration analysis of diagonal networks
Chai WS, Li Y, Chan

    This paper describes an exact method of analysis for natural vibration of diagonal networks by considering an equivalent cyclic periodic structure and adopting the double U-transformation technique. Both a lumped mass system and a distributed mass system are considered to investigate the diagonal networks. The exact solution for the frequency equations and the natural modes of the networks can be derived. As numerical examples, square diagonal cable networks with different meshes are worked out.

Key Words
    diagonal network, natural vibration, the U-transformation technique, analytical method, exact solution
Chai WS, GuangDong Univ Technol, Dept Civil Engn, Dongfengdong Rd, Guangzhou 510090, Peoples R China
GuangDong Univ Technol, Dept Civil Engn, Guangzhou 510090, Peoples R China
Univ Hong Kong, Dept Civil & Struct Engn, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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