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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 6, Number 1, January 1998 , pages 1-15

Behaviour of lead-rubber bearings
Mori A, Moss PJ, Carr AJ, Cooke N

    Experimental work undertaken to investigate the behaviour of lead-rubber bearings under compression and a combination of compression and shear or rotation has been reported on elsewhere. However, it is difficult to determine the state of stress within the bearings in terms of the applied forces and the interaction between the lead plug and the steel shims and elastomeric layers. Iri order to supply some of the missing information about the stress-strain state within the bearings, an analytical study using the finite element method was carried out. The available experimental results were used to validate the model and although agreement was not as good as expected (on account of difficulties in modelling the lead plug), the analyses did provide some information about the state of the stress within the bearing.
Key Words
    bridge bearings, lead-rubber bearings, seismic isolation, finite element analysis, compression, shear, rotation
Mori A, Japan Engn Consultants, Earthquake Disaster Mitigat Dept, Tokyo, Japan
Japan Engn Consultants, Earthquake Disaster Mitigat Dept, Tokyo, Japan
Univ Canterbury, Dept Civil Engn, Christchurch 1, New Zealand

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