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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 59, Number 6, September25 2016 , pages 1055-1070

Free vibration and buckling analysis of the impacted hybrid composite beams
Emin Ergun, Yasin Yilmaz and Hasan Çallioğlu

    The aim of this experimental study is to investigate the free vibration and buckling behaviors of hybrid composite beams having different span lengths and orientation angles subjected to different impact energy levels. The impact energies are applied in range from 10 J to 30 J. Free vibration and buckling behaviors of intact and impacted hybrid composite beams are compared with each other for different span lengths, orientation angles and impact levels. In free vibration analysis, the first three modes of hybrid beams are considered and natural frequencies are normalized. It is seen that first and second modes are mostly affected with increasing impact energy level. Also, the fundamental natural frequency is mostly affected with the usage of mold that have 40 mm span length (SP40). Moreover, as the impact energy increases, the normalized critical buckling loads decrease gradually for 0o and 30o oriented hybrid beams but they fluctuate for the other beams.
Key Words
    hybrid composites; vibration; buckling; impact behaviour; damage mechanism
Emin Ergun, Yasin Yilmaz : Mechanical Engineering Department, Pamukkale University, Denizli, 20070, Turkey
Hasan Çallioğlu : Automotive Engineering Department, Pamukkale University, Denizli, 20070, Turkey

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