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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 59, Number 6, September25 2016 , pages 951-972

Dispersion of shear wave in a pre-stressed hetrogeneous orthotropic layer over a pre-stressed anisotropic porous half-space with self-weight
Rajneesh Kakar and Shikha Kakar

    The purpose of this study is to illustrate the propagation of the shear waves (SH-waves) in a prestressed hetrogeneous orthotropic media overlying a pre-stressed anisotropic porous half-space with self weight. It is considered that the compressive initial stress, mass density and moduli of rigidity of the upper layer are space dependent. The proposed model is solved to obtain the different dispersion relations for the SH-wave in the elastic-porous medium of different properties. The effects of compressive and tensile stresses along with the heterogeneity, porosity, Biot‟s gravity parameter on the dispersion of SH-wave are shown numerically. The wave analysis further indicates that the technical parameters of upper and lower half-space affect the wave velocity significantly. The results may be useful to understand the nature of seismic wave propagation in geophysical applications and in the field of earthquake and material science engineering.
Key Words
    SH-wave; Biot‟s parameter; porous; orthotropic; heterogeneity; initial stress
Rajneesh Kakar : 163, Phase-1, Chotti Baradari Garah Road, Jalandhar, India
Shikha Kakar : Department of Electronics, SBBS University, Padhiana, India

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