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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 58, Number 5, June10 2016, pages 887-903

Seismic response of a rigid foundation embedded in a viscoelastic soil by taking into account the soil-foundation interaction
Salah Messioud, Badreddine Sbartai and Daniel Dias

    This study analyses the seismic response of a three-dimensional (3-D) rigid massless square foundation resting or embedded in a viscoelastic soil limited by rigid bedrock. The foundation is subjected to harmonic oblique seismic waves P, SV, SH and R. The key step is the characterization of the soil-foundation interaction by computing the impedance matrix and the input motion matrix. A 3-D frequency boundary element method (BEM) in conjunction with the thin layer method (TLM) is adapted for the seismic analysis of the foundation. The dynamic response of the rigid foundation is solved from the wave equations by taking into account the soil-foundation interaction. The solution is formulated using the frequency BEM with the Green
Key Words
    harmonic seismic waves; foundation; soil; BEM-TLM; soil-structure interaction
Salah Messioud: LGCE, University of Jijel, BP 98 Jijel 18000, Republic of Algeria
Badreddine Sbartai: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Annaba, BP 25, Annaba 23000, Republic of Algeria; LMGHU Laboratory, University of Skikda, Road El-hadeik BP 26, Skikda 21000, Republic of Algeria
Daniel Dias: 3SR Laboratory, University of Joseph Fourier, Grenoble 38000, Republic of France

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