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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 58, Number 4, May25 2016, pages 677-687
Yield function of the orthotropic material considering the crystallographic texture
Yaroslav A. Erisov, Fedor V. Grechnikov and Sergei V. Surudin

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    On the basis of the energy approach it is reported a development of the yield function and the constitutive equations for the orthotropic material with consideration of the crystal lattice constants and parameters of the crystallographic texture for the general stress state. For practical use in sheet metal forming analysis it is considered different loading scenarios: plane stress and plane strain states. Using the proposed yield function, the influence of single ideal components on the shape of yield surface was analyzed. The six texture components investigated here were cube, Goss, copper, brass, S and rotated cube, as these components are typically observed in rolled sheets from FCC alloys.
Key Words
    anisotropy; plasticity; yield function; texture; crystallographic orientation; plane stress; plane strain; yield surface; rolled sheet
Yaroslav A. Erisov, Fedor V. Grechnikov and Sergei V. Surudin: Metal Forming Department, Samara State Aerospace University, 34 Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Russia

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