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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 57, Number 5, March10 2016, pages 785-808

Experimental study on innovative tubular web RBS connections in steel MRFs with typical shallow beams
Aboozar Saleh, Seyed M. Zahrai and Seyed R. Mirghaderi

Abstract     [Full Text]
    An innovative Reduced Beam Section (RBS) connection, called Tubular Web RBS connection (TW-RBS), has been recently introduced and its performance has been numerically investigated in some earlier studies. The TW-RBS connection is a kind of accordion-web RBS connection in which part of the flat web of the beam is replaced by a steel tube at the expected region of the plastic hinge. This paper presents experimental results of three TW-RBS connections under cyclic loading. Obtained results indicated that TW-RBS reduces contribution of the beam web to the whole moment strength and creates a ductile fuse far from components of the beam-to-column connection. Besides, TW-RBS connection can increase story drift capacity up to 9% in the case of shallow beams which is much more than those stipulated by the current seismic codes. Based on the experimental results, the tubular web in the plastic hinge region improves lateral-torsional buckling stability of the beam such that only local buckling of the beam flange at the center of the reduced section was observed during the tests. In order to achieve a better understanding, behavior of all TW-RBS specimens are also numerically investigated and compared with those of experimental results.
Key Words
    cyclic testing; special moment frame; reduced beam section; tubular web RBS (TW-RBS); test specimens; shallow beams
Aboozar Saleh, Seyed M. Zahrai and Seyed R. Mirghaderi:School of Civil Engineering, the University of Tehran, Iran

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