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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 57, Number 4, February25 2016 , pages 717-731

Numerical modeless of the damage, around inclusion in the orthopedic cement PMMA
Cherfi Mohamed, Benbarek Smail, Bachir Bouiadjra and B. Serier

    In orthopedic surgery and more especially in total arthroplastie of hip, the fixing of the implants generally takes place essentially by means of constituted surgical polymer cement. The damage of this materiel led to the fatal rupture and thus loosening of the prosthesis in total hip, the effect of over loading as the case of tripping of the patient during walking is one of the parameters that led to the damage of this binder. From this phenomenon we supposed that a remain of bone is included in the cement implantation. The object of this work is to study the effect of this bony inclusion in the zones where the outside conditions (loads and geometric shapes) can provoke the fracture of the cement and therefore the aseptic lousing of the prosthesis. In this study it was assumed the presence of two bones –type inclusions in this material, one after we analyzed the effect of interaction between these two inclusions damage of damage to this material. One have modeled the damage in the cement around this bone inclusion and estimate the crack length from the damaged cement zone in the acetabulum using the finite element method, for every position of the implant under the extreme effort undergone by the prosthesis. We noted that the most intense stress position is around the sharp corner of the bone fragment and the higher level of damage leads directly the fracture of the total prosthesis of the hip.
Key Words
    finite element method; bone cement; biomechanics; bony inclusion; damage parameter (length and area)
Cherfi Mohamed, Benbarek Smail, Bachir Bouiadjra and B. Serier: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, BP 89, cite Ben M\'hidi, Sidi Bel Abbes, 22000, Algeria

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