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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 56, Number 3, November10 2015 , pages 369-383

Springback FE modeling of titanium alloy tubes bending using various hardening models
Mehdi Shahabia and Ali Nayebi

    In this study, effect of various material hardening models based on Holloman\'s isotropic, Ziegler\'s linear kinematic, non-linear kinematic and mixture of the isotropic and nonlinear kinematic hardening laws on springback prediction of titanium alloy (Ti-3Al-2.5V) in a tube rotary draw bending (RDB) process was investigated with presenting the keynotes for a comprehensive step by step ABAQUS simulation. Influence of mandrel on quality of the final product including springback, wall-thinning and cross-section deformation of the tube was investigated, too. Material parameters of the hardening models were obtained based on information of a uniaxial test. In particular, in the case of combined iso-nonlinear kinematic hardening the material constants were calibrated by a simple approach based on half-cycle data instead of several stabilized cycles ones. Moreover, effect of some material and geometrical parameters on springback was carried out. The results showed that using the various hardening laws separately cannot describe the material hardening behavior correctly. Therefore, it is concluded that combining the hardening laws is a good idea to have accurate springback prediction. Totally the results are useful for predicting and controlling springback and cross-section deformation in metal forming processes.
Key Words
    springback; cross-section deformation; metal forming; finite element method; tube bending; andrel
Mehdi Shahabia and Ali Nayebi: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Mollasadra Street, Iran

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