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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 55, Number 2, July25 2015, pages 413-434

Performance study on the whole vibration process of a museum induced by metro
Weiguo Yang, Meng Wang, Jianquan Shi, Jiaqi Ge, Nan Zhang and Botao Ma

    The vibrations caused by metro operation propagate through surrounding soil, further induce secondary vibrations of the nearby underground structures and adjacent buildings. In order to investigate the effects of vibrations caused by metro on use performance of buildings, vibration experiment of Chengdu museum was carried out firstly. Then, the coupling tunnel-soil-structure finite element model was established with software ANSYS detailedly, providing a useful tool for investigating the vibration performances of structures. Furthermore, the dynamic responses and vibration predictions of museum building were obtained respectively by the whole process time-domain analysis and frequency-domain analysis, which were compared with the vibration reference values of museum. Quantitative analyses of the museum building performance were carried out, and the possible tendency and changing laws of vibration level with floors were proposed. Finally, the related vibration isolation measures were compared and discussed. The tests and analysis results show that: The vertical vibration responses almost increased with the increasing of building floors, while weak floors existed for the curve of horizontal vibration; The vertical vibrations were larger than the horizontal vibrations, indicating the vibration performances of building caused by metro were characterized with vertical vibrations; The frequencies of the museum corresponding to the peak vibration levels were around 6~17Hz; The damping effect of structure with 33m-span cantilever on vertical vibration was obvious, however, the damping effect of structure with foundation vibration isolators was not obvious.
Key Words
    metro vibration; museum structure vibration; vibration experiment; finite element method; performance analysis
Weiguo Yang, Meng Wang, Jianquan Shi and Nan Zhang: School of Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China
Jiaqi Ge and Botao Ma: China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co., Ltd, Beijing 100120, China

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