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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 55, Number 1, July10 2015 , pages 1-27

Parametric analysis and torsion design charts for axially restrained RC beams
Luis F.A. Bernardo, Catia S.B. Taborda and Jorge M.R. Gama

    This article presents a theoretical parametric analysis on the ultimate torsional behaviour of axially restrained reinforced concrete (RC) beams. This analysis is performed by using a computing procedure based on a modification of the Variable Angle Truss Model. This computing procedure was previously developed to account for the influence of the longitudinal compressive stress state due to the axial restraint conditions provided by the connections of the beams to other structural members. The presented parametric study aims to check the influence of some important variable studies, namely: torsional reinforcement ratio, compressive concrete strength and axial restraint level. From the results of this parametric study, nonlinear regression analyses are performed and some design charts are proposed. Such charts allow to correct the resistance torque of RC beams (rectangular sections with small height to width ratios) to account for the favorable influence of the axial restraint.
Key Words
    reinforced concrete; beams; torsion; axial restraint; parametric study; torsional design
Luis F.A. Bernardo, Catia S.B. Taborda: Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Centre of Materials and Building Technologies (C-made), University of Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal
Jorge M.R. Gama: Departments of Mathematics, University of Beira Interior, Center of Mathematics, Covilha, Portugal

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