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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 53, Number 4, February25 2015, pages 767-780
Effects of edge crack on the vibration characteristics of delaminated beams
Yang Liu and Dong W. Shu

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    Delaminations and cracks are common failures in structures. They may significantly reduce the stiffness of the structure and affect their vibration characteristics. In the present study, an analytical solution is developed to study the effect of an edge crack on the vibration characteristics of delaminated beams. The rotational spring model, the „free mode‟ and „constrained mode‟ assumptions in delamination vibration are adopted. This is the first study on how an edge crack affects the vibration characteristic of delaminated beams and new nondimensional parameters are developed accordingly. The crack may occur inside or outside the delaminated area and both cases are studied. Results show that the effect of delamination length and thickness-wise location on reducing the natural frequencies is aggravated by an increasing crack depth. The location of the crack also influences the effect of delamination, but such influence is different between crack occurring inside and outside the delaminated area. The difference of natural frequencies between „free mode‟ and „constrained mode‟ increases then decreases as the crack moves from one side of the delaminated region to the other side, peaking at the middle. The analytical results of this study can serve as the benchmark for FEM and other numerical solutions.
Key Words
    vibration; beam; delamination; crack; natural frequency
Yang Liu and Dong W. Shu: School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore

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