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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 53, Number 1, January10 2015, pages 027-40

Symplectic analysis of functionally graded beams subjected to arbitrary lateral loads
Li Zhao and Wei Z. Gan

    The rational analytical solutions are presented for functionally graded beams subjected to arbitrary tractions on the upper and lower surfaces. The Young\'s modulus is assumed to vary exponentially along the thickness direction while the Poisson\'s ratio keeps unaltered. Within the framework of symplectic elasticity, zero eigensolutions along with general eigensolutions are investigated to derive the homogeneous solutions of functionally graded beams with no body force and traction-free lateral surfaces. Zero eigensolutions are proved to compose the basic solutions of the Saint-Venant problem, while general eigensolutions which vary exponentially with the axial coordinate have a significant influence on the local behavior. The complete elasticity solutions presented here include homogeneous solutions and particular solutions which satisfy the loading conditions on the lateral surfaces. Numerical examples are considered and compared with established results, illustrating the effects of material inhomogeneity on the localized stress distributions.
Key Words
    functionally graded material; symplectic framework; exact solution; eigensolution
Li Zhao and Wei Z. Gan: Ningbo Key Laboratory for Concrete Structure Durability, Ningbo University of Technology, No.89 Cuibai Road, Ningbo, P.R. China

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