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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 52, Number 2, October25 2014, pages 323-349
The analytical solution for buckling of curved sandwich beams with a transversely flexible core subjected to uniform load
A. Poortabib and M. Maghsoudi

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    In this paper, linear buckling analysis of a curved sandwich beam with a flexible core is investigated. Derivation of equations for face sheets is accomplished via the classical theory of curved beam, whereas for the flexible core, the elasticity equations in polar coordinates are implemented. Employing the von-Karman type geometrical non-linearity in strain-displacement relations, nonlinear governing equations are resulted. Linear pre-buckling analysis is performed neglecting the rotation effects in pre-buckling state. Stability equations are concluded based on the adjacent equilibrium criterion. Considering the movable simply supported type of boundary conditions, suitable trigonometric solutions are adopted which satisfy the assumed edge conditions. The critical uniform load of the beam is obtained as a closed-form expression. Numerical results cover the effects of various parameters on the critical buckling load of the curved beam. It is shown that, face thickness, core thickness, core module, fiber angle of faces, stacking sequence of faces and openin angle of the beam all affect greatly on the buckling pressure of the beam and its buckled shape.
Key Words
    sandwich curved beam; buckling; flexible core; critical load
A. Poortabib and M. Maghsoudi: Space Research Institute, Tehran 15914, Iran

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