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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 50, Number 4, May25 2014, pages 563-573
An approach to improve thickness distribution and corner filling of copper tubes during hydro-forming processes
Hossein GhorbaniMenghari, Hamed Ziaei Poor, Mahmoud Farzin and Ricardo J. Alves De Sousa

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    In hydroforming, the general technique employed to overcome the problem of die corner filling consist in increasing the maximum fluid pressure during the forming process. This technique, in other hand, leads to other difficulties such as thinning and rupturing of the final work piece. In this paper, a new technique has been suggested in order to produce a part with complete filled corners. In this approach, two moveable bushes have been used. So, the workpiece moves driven by both bushes simultaneously. In the first stage, system pressure increases until a maximum of 15 MPa, providing aninitial tube bulge. The results showed that the pressure in this stage have to be limited to 17 MPa to avoid fracture. In a second stage, bushes are moved keeping the constant initial pressure. The punches act simultaneously at the die extremities. Results show that the friction between part and die decreases during the forming process significantly. Also, by using this technique it is possible to produce a part with reasonable uniform thickness distribution. Other outcomes of applying this method are the lower pressures required to manufacture a workpiece with complete filled corners with no wrinkling.
Key Words
    tube hydro-forming; corner radius; finite element method; rupturing
Hossein GhorbaniMenghari, Hamed Ziaei Poor, Mahmoud Farzin : Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran
Ricardo J. Alves De Sousa : Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal

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