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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 50, Number 4, May25 2014, pages 471-486
Performance of sandwich structure strengthened by pyramid cover under blast effect
Sherif A. Mazek

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    The number of explosive attacks on civilian structures has recently increased. Protection of structure subjected to blast load remains quite sophisticated to predict. The use of the pyramid cover system (PCS) to strengthen sandwich structures against a blast terror has great interests from engineering experts in structural retrofitting. The sandwich steel structure performance under the impact of blast wave effect is highlighted. A 3-D numerical model is proposed to study the PCS layer to strengthen sandwich steel structures using finite element analysis (FEA). Hexagonal core sandwich (XCS) steel panels are used to study structural retrofitting using the PCS layer. Field blast test is conducted. The study presents a comparison between the results obtained by both the field blast test and the FEA to validate the accuracy of the 3-D finite element model. The effects are expressed in terms of displacement-time history of the sandwich steel panels and pressure-time history effect on the sandwich steel panels as the explosive wave propagates. The results obtained by the field blast test have a good agreement with those obtained by the numerical model. The PCS layer improves the sandwich steel panel performance under impact of detonating different TNT explosive charges.
Key Words
    displacement; finite element analysis; field blast test; sandwich steel structure; TNT explosive charge
Sherif A. Mazek : Civil Engineering Department, Military Technical College, Kobbry El-Kobba, Khlifa El-Maamoon, Cairo, Egypt

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