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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 49, Number 2, January25 2014, pages 261-271

An experimental study on the flexural performance of laminated glass
Xiaokun Huang, Gang Liu, Qiang Liu and Stephen J. Bennison

    This paper reported an experimental study on creep behaviors of PVB and Ionoplast laminated glass (LG) under load duration of 30 days. The tests were carried out in room temperature (23\'C). The study revealed that after sustaining loads for 30 days, the mid-span deflection of PVB LG increased by almost 102% compared with its short term deflection, while that of Ionoplast LG approximately increased by 14%; composite effects between two glass plies in PVB LG gradually reduced with time, but did not fully vanish at the 30th day; two glass plies in Ionoplast LG on the other hand was able to withstand loads as an effective composite section during the entire loading period; the creep behaviors of both LG were not finished yet at the 30th day. In addition to this, also studied was the varying of the bending stresses of PVB and Ionoplast LG under load duration of 2 hours. The tests were carried out in ambient temperatures of 30\'C, 50\'C and 80\'C respectively. It was found that under a given load, although the bending stresses of both LG increased with increasing temperature, for PVB LG the increasing rate of the bending stress decreased with increasing temperature, while for Ionoplast LG the increasing rate of the bending stress increased with increasing temperature.
Key Words
    PVB laminated glass; Ionoplast laminated glass; long duration load; temperature; creep; four-point bending
Xiaokun Huang, Gang Liu, Qiang Liu : Research and Development, China Academy of Building Research, Beijing 100013, China
Stephen J. Bennison : E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. Inc., USA

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