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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 49, Number 2, January25 2014, pages 147-161

Numerical study on the moment capacity of zed-section purlins under uplift loading
Jue Zhu, Jian-kang Chen and Chong Ren

    In this paper a nonlinear finite element analysis model is established for cold-formed steel zed-section purlins subjected to uplift loading. In the model, the lateral and rotational restraints provided by the sheeting to the purlin are simplified as a lateral rigid restraint imposed at the upper flange-web junction and a rotational spring restraint applied at the mid of the upper flange where the sheeting is fixed. The analyses are performed by considering both geometrical and material nonlinearities. The influences of the rotational spring stiffness and initial geometrical imperfections on the uplift loading capacity of the purlin are investigated numerically. It is found that the rotational spring stiffness has significant influence on the purlin performance. However, the influence of the initial geometric imperfections on the purlin performance is found only in purlins of medium or long length with no or low rotational spring stiffness.
Key Words
    zed-purlin; uplift; imperfection; nonlinear analysis; lateral-torsional buckling; moment capacity; finite element
Jue Zhu, Jian-kang Chen : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China
Chong Ren : School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

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