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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 46, Number 6, June25 2013 , pages 791-808

Assessment of seismic fragility curves for existing RC buildings in Algiers after the 2003 Boumerdes earthquake
Youcef Mehani, Hakim Bechtoula, Abderrahmane Kibboua and Mounir Naili

    The main purpose of this paper is to develop seismic fragility curves for existing reinforced concrete, RC, buildings based on the post earthquake field survey and the seismic performance using capacity design. Existing RC buildings constitute approximately 65% of the total stock in Algiers. This type of buildings, RC, was widely used in the past and chosen as the structural type for the future construction program of more than 2 millions apartments all over Algeria. These buildings, suffered moderate to extensive damage after the 2003 Boumerdes earthquake, on May 21st. The determination of analytical seismic fragility curves for low-rise and mid-rise existing RC buildings was carried out based on the consistent and complete post earthquake survey after that event. The information on the damaged existing RC buildings was investigated and evaluated by experts. Thirty four (34) communes (districts) of fifty seven (57), the most populated and affected by earthquake damage were considered in this study. Utilizing the field observed damage data and the Japanese Seismic Index Methodology, based on the capacity design method. Seismic fragility curves were developed for those buildings with a large number data in order to get a statistically significant sample size. According to the construction period and the code design, four types of existing RC buildings were considered. Buildings designed with pre-code (very poor structural behavior before 1955), Buildings designed with low code (poor structural behavior, between 1955-1981), buildings designed with medium code (moderate structural behavior, between 1981-1999) and buildings designed with high code (good structural behavior, after 1999).
Key Words
    reinforced concrete; existing building; post earthquake survey; seismic damage assessment; seismic index method; capacity design; fragility curves
Youcef Mehani, Hakim Bechtoula, Abderrahmane Kibboua and Mounir Naili : National Earthquake Engineering Center, CGS, 01, Rue Kaddour RAHIM, BP 252, Hussein Dey, Alger, Algeria

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