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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 46, Number 4, May25 2013, pages 519-531

Experimental study on ultimate torsional strength of PC composite box-girder with corrugated steel webs under pure torsion
Yong Ding, Kebin Jiang, Fei Shao and Anzhong Deng

    To have a better understanding of the torsional mechanism and influencing factors of PC composite box-girder with corrugated steel webs, ultimate torsional strength of four specimens under pure torsion were analyzed with Model Test Method. Monotonic pure torsion acts on specimens by eccentric concentrated loading. The experimental results show that cracks form at an angle of 45o to the member\'s longitudinal axis in the top and bottom concrete slabs. Longitudinal reinforcement located in the center of cross section contributes little to torsional capacity of the specimens. Torsional rigidity is proportional to shape parameter n of corrugation and there is an increase in yielding torque and ultimate torque of specimens as the thickness of corrugated steel webs increases.
Key Words
    corrugated steel webs; composite box girder; ultimate torsional strength; cracks; space truss
Yong Ding, Kebin Jiang, Fei Shao : Department of Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, No.1 Haifu Lane, Baixia District, Nanjing City, China
Anzhong Deng : Department of Civil Engineering, Institute of Logistics Engineering of PLA, Chongqing Municipality, China

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