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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 46, Number 4, May25 2013, pages 447-458

Use of uncertain numbers for appraising tensile strength of concrete
Bulent Tutmez, A. Kemal Cengiz and Didem Eren Sarici

    Splitting tensile strength (STS) is a respectable mechanical property reflecting ability of the concrete. The STS of concrete is mainly related to compressive strength (CS), water/binder (W/B) ratio and concrete age. In this study, the assessment of STS is made by a novel uncertainty-oriented method which uses least square optimization and then predicts STS of concrete by uncertain (fuzzy) numbers. The approximation method addresses a novel integration of fuzzy set theory and multivariate statistics. The numerical examples showed that the method is applicable with relatively limited data. In addition, the prediction of uncertainty at various levels of possibility can be described. In conclusion, the uncertaintyoriented interval analysis can be suggested an effective tool for appraising the uncertainties in concrete technology.
Key Words
    tensile strength; concrete; uncertainty; fuzzy number; interval analysis
Bulent Tutmez, Didem Eren Sarici : School of Engineering, Inonu University, 44280 Malatya, Turkey
A. Kemal Cengiz : School of Engineering, Hacettepe University 06532 Ankara, Turkey

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