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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 44, Number 2, October25 2012 , pages 139-161

Static response of 2-D functionally graded circular plate with gradient thickness and elastic foundations to compound loads
A. Behravan Rad

    In this paper, the static behavior of bi-directional functionally graded (FG) non-uniform thickness circular plate resting on quadratically gradient elastic foundations (Winkler-Pasternak type) subjected to axisymmetric transverse and in-plane shear loads is carried out by using state-space and differential quadrature methods. The governing state equations are derived based on 3D theory of elasticity, and assuming the material properties of the plate except the Poisson\'s ratio varies continuously throughout the thickness and radius directions in accordance with the exponential and power law distributions. The stresses and displacements distribution are obtained by solving state equations. The effects of foundation stiffnesses, material heterogeneity indices, geometric parameters and loads ratio on the deformation and stress distributions of the FG circular plate are investigated in numerical examples. The results are reported for the first time and the new results can be used as a benchmark solution for future researches.
Key Words
    FG circular plate; gradient elastic foundation; elasticity; state - space; DQ method
A. Behravan Rad: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran

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