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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 42, Number 3, May10 2012, pages 291-311

The characteristics of the multi-span suspension bridge with double main cables in the vertical plane
Li-wen Zhang, Ru-cheng Xiao, Yang Jiang and Sheng-bo Chai

    The multi-span suspension bridge having double main cables in the vertical plane is investigated regarding endurance of live load distribution in the case of non-displaced pylon and pylon displacement. The coefficient formula of live load distribution described as the ratio of live load on the bottom cable to the top cable is obtained. Based on this formula, some function in respect of this bridge are derived and used to analyze its characteristics. This analysis targets the cable force, the cable sag and the horizontal displacement at the pylon top under live load etc. The results clarified that the performance of the live load distribution and the horizontal force of cables in the case of non-deformed pylon has a similar tendency to those in the case of deformed pylon, and the increase of pylon rigidity can increase live load distributed to the bottom cable and slightly raise the cable horizontal force under live load. However, effect on the vertical rigidity of bridge and the horizontal force increment of cables caused by live load is different in the case of non-deformed pylon and deformed pylon.
Key Words
    suspension bridge; double main cables; coefficient of live load distribution; cable sag
Li-wen Zhang, Ru-cheng Xiao, Yang Jiang and Sheng-bo Chai: Department of bridge Engineering, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Rd., Shanghai 200092, China

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