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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 41, Number 6, March25 2012 , pages 691-710

An experimental study on strengthening of vulnerable RC frames with RC wing walls
M. Yasar Kaltakcia and Gunnur Yavuz

    One of the most popular and commonly used strengthening techniques to protect against earthquakes is to infill the holes in reinforced concrete (RC) frames with fully reinforced concrete infills. In some cases, windows and door openings are left inside infill walls for architectural or functional reasons during the strengthening of reinforced concrete-framed buildings. However, the seismic performance of multistory, multibay, reinforced concrete frames that are strengthened by reinforced concrete wing walls is not well known. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the experimental behavior of vulnerable multistory, multibay, reinforced concrete frames that were strengthened by introducing wing walls under a lateral load. For this purpose, three 2-story, 2-bay, 1/3-scale test specimens were constructed and tested under reversed cyclic lateral loading. The total shear wall (including the column and wing walls) length and the location of the bent beam bars were the main parameters of the experimental study. According to the test results, the addition of wing walls to reinforced concrete frames provided significantly higher ultimate lateral load strength and higher initial stiffness than the bare frames did. While the total shear wall length was increased, the lateral load carrying capacity and stiffness increased significantly.
Key Words
    seismic strengthening; reinforced concrete (RC); frame; wing wall; reversed cyclic load
M. Yasar Kaltakcia and Gunnur Yavuz: Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Department of Civil Engineering, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey

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