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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 41, Number 3, February10 2012 , pages 379-393

Lateral confining action of mortar-filled sleeve reinforcement splice
Hyong-Kee Kim and Sang-Ho Lee

    Of the various methods of splicing reinforcing bar in reinforced concrete structure, mortarfilled sleeve reinforcement splice offers diverse benefits, not only in terms of structural performance but also for the construction process. Consequently, after the mortar-filled sleeve splices have been developed in recent years, research and development on these splices has been actively carried out, in order to evaluate its macro structural performance, such as its strength and stiffness, with the aim of enabling this system to be applied to construction in the field as early as possible. However, to make a proper evaluation on the overall structural performance of the mortar-filled sleeve reinforcing bar splice, it is of critical importance to understand the lateral confining action of the sleeve, which is known to affect the bond strength between the embedded bar and mortar in the sleeve. Accordingly, in this study, an experiment of monotonic loading and cyclic loading was conducted with a full-sized mortar-filled sleeve splice attaching strain gauges on the sleeve surface with experimental variables such as development length of bar, etc. Based on the test results, the effect of the lateral confining action of the sleeve was analyzed and considered in terms of the bond strength between the bar and mortar in this splice.
Key Words
    lateral confining action; mortar-filled sleeve reinforcing bar splice; bond strength; confining pressure; development length
Hyong-Kee Kim: Department of Architectural Engineering, Kangwon National University, 346 Joongang-ro, Samcheok, Gangwon-do, Korea
Sang-Ho Lee: Department of Architectural Engineering, Hanzhong University, 200 Jiyang-gil, Donghae, Gangwon-do, Korea

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