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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 38, Number 2, April25 2011 , pages 157-169

Time-dependent analysis of cable trusses Part I. Closed-form computational model
S. Kmet and M. Tomko

    In this paper the time-dependent closed-form static solution of the suspended pre-stressed biconcave and biconvex cable trusses with unmovable, movable and elastic or viscoelastic yielding supports subjected to various types of vertical load is presented. Irvine\'s forms of the deflections and the cable equations are modified because the effects of the rheological behaviour needed to be incorporated in them. The concrete cable equations in the form of the explicit relations are derived and presented. From a solution of a vertical equilibrium equation for a loaded cable truss with rheological properties, the additional vertical deflection as a time-function is determined. The time-dependent closed-form model serves to determine the time-dependent response, i.e., horizontal components of cable forces and deflection of the cable truss due to applied loading at the investigated time considering effects of elastic deformations, creep strains, temperature changes and elastic supports. Results obtained by the present closed-form solution are compared with those obtained by FEM. The derived time-dependent closed-form computational model is used for a time-dependent simulation-based reliability assessment of cable trusses as is described in the second part of this paper.
Key Words
    cable truss; time-dependent closed-form computational model; creep of cable; elastic and viscoelastic yielding support; time-dependent cable equations.
S. Kmet and M. Tomko: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, Vysokoskolska 4, 042 00 Kosice, Slovak Republic

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