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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 36, Number 1, September10 2010 , pages 79-94

Topological optimized design considering dynamic problem with non-stochastic structural uncertainty
Dong-Kyu Lee, Uwe Starossek and Soo-Mi Shin

    This study shows how uncertainties of data like material properties quantitatively have an influence on structural topology optimization results for dynamic problems, here such as both optimal topology and shape. In general, the data uncertainties may result in uncertainties of structural behaviors like deflection or stress in structural analyses. Therefore optimization solutions naturally depend on the uncertainties in structural behaviors, since structural behaviors estimated by the structural analysis method like FEM need to execute optimization procedures. In order to quantitatively estimate the effect of data uncertainties on topology optimization solutions of dynamic problems, a so-called interval analysis is utilized in this study, and it is a well-known non-stochastic approach for uncertainty estimate. Topology optimization is realized by using a typical SIMP method, and for dynamic problems the optimization seeks to maximize the first-order eigenfrequency subject to a given material limit like a volume. Numerical applications topologically optimizing dynamic wall structures with varied supports are studied to verify the non-stochastic interval analysis is also suitable to estimate topology optimization results with dynamic problems.
Key Words
    topology optimization design; uncertainty; dynamic problem; eigenfrequency.
Dong-Kyu Lee: Architecture & Offshore Research Department, Steel Structure Research Division, Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST), Republic of Korea
Uwe Starossek: Structural Analysis and Steel Structures Institute, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Soo-Mi Shin: Research Institute of Industrial Technology, Pusan National University, Republic of Korea

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