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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 35, Number 2, May30 2010 , pages 127-140

Accuracy of structural computation on simplified shape
P. Marin

    This paper focuses on a number of criteria that enable controlling the influence of geometric simplification on the quality of finite element (FE) computations. To perform the mechanical simulation of a component, the corresponding geometric model typically needs to be simplified in accordance with hypotheses adopted regarding the component\'s mechanical behaviour. The method presented herein serves to compute an a posteriori indicator for the purpose of estimating the significance of each feature removal. This method can be used as part of an adaptive process of geometric simplification. If a shape detail removed during the shape simplification process proves to be influential on mechanical behaviour, the particular detail can then be reinserted into the simplified model, thus making it possible to readapt the initial simulation model. The fields of application for such a method are: static problems involving linear elastic behaviour, and linear thermal problems with stationary conduction.
Key Words
    adaptive modelling; geometric simplification; a posteriori mechanical indicator; structural simulation; finite element; CAD; feature removal.
P. Marin: 3SR Laboratory, National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, B.P. 95, 38402 St., Martin d\'Heres, France

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