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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 34, Number 5, March30 2010, pages 663-666

Further seismic displacement PSDF results
C.A. Morales

    The spectral content of ground displacement of the 10 largest last California earthquakes is studied. Specifically, the power spectral density function of the critical horizontal-component record of the closest-to-epicenter station is analyzed in each case. The results permit to state that horizontal ground displacement is a narrow-band process. This fact was previously noticed while trying to solve the largebase-displacement problem in isolated structures and it was fundamental in the solution of this issue; however, these preliminary results were limited in number to enable a statement like the foregoing one. Thus, the broader results presented herein were necessary.
Key Words
    ground motion; displacement; spectral characterization; California earthquakes; base isolation.
C.A. Morales: Departamento de Mecanica, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Apdo. 89000, Caracas 1080A, Venezuela

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