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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 33, Number 6, December20 2009, pages 697-708

Dynamic stress intensity factors for two parallel cracks in an infinite orthotropic plate subject to an impact load
Shouetsu Itou

    Stresses are solved for two parallel cracks in an infinite orthotropic plate during passage of incoming shock stress waves normal to their surfaces. Fourier transformations were used to reduce the boundary conditions with respect to the cracks to two pairs of dual integral equations in the Laplace domain. To solve these equations, the differences in the crack surface displacements were expanded to a series of functions that are zero outside the cracks. The unknown coefficients in the series were solved using the Schmidt method so as to satisfy the conditions inside the cracks. The stress intensity factors were defined in the Laplace domain and were inverted numerically to physical space. Dynamic stress intensity factors were calculated numerically for selected crack configurations.
Key Words
    orthotropic material; two cracks; dynamic stress intensity factor; composite materials; Fourier transforms; numerical Laplace inversion.
Shouetsu Itou: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kanagawa University, Rokkakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 221-8686, Japan

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