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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 31, Number 3, February 20 2009 , pages 241-264

Seismic analysis of transmission towers under various line configurations
Y. H. Lei and Y. L. Chien

    In this paper, the dynamic behavior for a group of transmission towers linked together through electrical wires and subjected to a strong ground motion will be investigated in detail. In performing the seismic analysis, the wires and the towers concerned are modeled, respectively, by using the efficient cable elements and the 3-D beam elements both considering geometric nonlinearities. In addition, to enhance the reliability and applicability of analytical outcome, a sophisticated soil-structure interaction model will be utilized in analyses. The strength capacities and the fracture occurrences for the main members of the tower are examined with the employment of the appropriate strength interaction equations. It is expected that by aid of this investigation, those who are engaged in code constitution or in practical designing of transmission towers may gain a better insight into the roles played by the interaction force between towers and wires and by the configurations of transmission lines under strong earthquake.
Key Words
    Chi-Chi earthquake; geometric nonlinearity; soil-structure interaction.
Y. H. Lei; Tamkang University, Department of Software Engineering, Lanyang campus, I-lan County, 26247, Taiwan-ROC
Y. L. Chien; Tamkang University, Civil Engineering Department, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)

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