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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 29, Number 6, August20 2008, pages 673-687

Study of two dimensional visco-elastic problems in generalized thermoelastic medium with heat source
Arup Baksi, Bidyut Kumar Roy and Rasajit Kumar Bera

    In this paper, a thermo-viscoelastic problem in an infinite isotropic medium in two dimensions in the presence of a point heat source is considered. The fundamental equations of the problems of generalized thermoelasticity including heat sources in a thermo-viscoelastic media have been derived in the form of a vector matrix differential equation in the Laplace-Fourier transform domain for a two dimensional problem. These equations have been solved by the eigenvalue approach. The results have been compared to those available in the existing literature. The graphs have been drawn for different cases.
Key Words
    generalized thermoelasticity; viscoelastic media; vector-matrix differential equation; eigenvalue approach; Laplace-Fourier transform.
Arup Baksi: Dept. of Mathematics, Umes Chandra College, 13, Surya Sen Street, Calcutta-700012, India
Bidyut Kumar Roy: Dept. of Mathematics, Vivekananda College, 269, D. H. Road, Calcutta-700063, India
Rasajit Kumar Bera: Dept. of Mathematics, Heritage Institute of Technology, Chowbaga Road, Anandapur, P.O. East Kolkata Township, Kolkata-700107, India

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