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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 29, Number 1, May10 2008 , pages 1-16

Numerical modeling of coupled structural and hydraulic interactions in tunnel linings
J. H. Shin

    Tunnels are generally constructed below the ground water table, which produces a long-term interaction between the tunnel lining and the surrounding geo-materials. Thus, in conjunction with tunnel design, the presence of water may require a number of considerations such as: leakage and water load. It has been reported that deterioration of a drainage system of tunnels is one of the main factors governing
the long-term hydraulic and structural lining-ground interaction. Therefore, the design procedure of an underwater tunnel should address any detrimental effects associated with this interaction. In this paper an attempt to identify the coupled structural and hydraulic interaction between the lining and the ground was made using a numerical method. A main concern was given to local hindrance of flow into tunnels. Six cases of local deterioration of a drainage system were considered to investigate the effects of deterioration on tunnels. It is revealed that hindrance of flow increased pore-water pressure on the deteriorated areas, and caused detrimental effects on the lining structures. The analysis results were compared with those from fully permeable and impermeable linings.
Key Words
    tunnel lining; hydraulic deterioration; coupled structural and hydraulic interaction.
J. H. Shin: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Konkuk University, Korea

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