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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 28, Number 6, April20 2008, pages 727-747

Comparative assessment of seismic rehabilitation techniques on a full scale 3-story RC moment frame structure
M. Di Ludovico, A. Balsamo, A. Prota and G. Manfredi

    In the framework of the SPEAR (Seismic PErformance Assessment and Rehabilitation) research Project, an under-designed three storey RC frame structure, designed to sustain only gravity loads, was subjected, in three different configurations ?as-built?, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) retrofitted and rehabilitated by reinforced concrete (RC) jacketing, to a series of bi-directional pseudodynamic
(PsD) tests under different values of peak ground acceleration (PGA) (from a minimum of 0.20g to a maximum of 0.30g). The seismic deficiencies exhibited by the ?as-built? structure after the test at
PGA level of 0.20g were confirmed by a post - test assessment of the structural seismic capacity performed by a nonlinear static pushover analysis implemented on the structure lumped plasticity model.
To improve the seismic performance of the ?as-built? structure?, two rehabilitation interventions by using either FRP laminates or RC jacketing were designed. Assumptions for the analytical modeling, design criteria and calculation procedures along with local and global intervention measures and their installation details are herein presented and discussed. Nonlinear static pushover analyses for the assessment of the theoretical seismic capacity of the structure in each retrofitted configuration were performed and compared with the experimental outcomes.
Key Words
    full-scale; RC; seismic retrofit; GFRP; concrete jacketing; biaxial bending; nonlinear pushover analysis.
M. Di Ludovico, A. Balsamo, A. Prota and G. Manfredi:
Dept. of Structural Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, 80125, Naples, Italy

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