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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 28, Number 6, April20 2008, pages 695-713

An effective solution of electro-thermo-structural problem of uni-axially graded material
J. Murin, V. Kutis and M. Masny

    The aim of this contribution is to present a new link/beam finite element suitable for electrothermo-structural analysis of uni-axially graded materials. Continuous polynomial variation of geometry and material properties will be considered. The element matrix and relations for solution of Joule?s heat (and its distribution to the element nodes) have been established in the sense of a sequence method of a
coupled problem solution. The expression for the solution of nodal forces caused by a continuously distributed temperature field has also been derived. The theoretical part of this contribution is completed
by numerical validation, which proves the high accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed element. The results of the performed experiments are compared with those obtained using the more expensive
multiphysical link element and solid element of the FEM program Ansys. The proposed finite element could be used not only in the multiphysical analysis of the current paths and actuators but also in analysis
of other 1D construction parts made of composite or uni-axially graded materials.
Key Words
    FEM; uni-axially graded materials; coupled problems.
J. Murin, V. Kutis and M. Masny: Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Mechanics, Bratislava 812 19 Slovak Republic

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