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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 28, Number 5, March30 2008, pages 587-601

Numerical method for biaxially loaded reinforced and prestressed concrete slender columns with arbitrary section
T.J. Lou and Y.Q. Xiang

    In this study, a numerical procedure based on the finite element method for materially and geometrically nonlinear analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete slender columns with arbitrary
section subjected to combined biaxial bending and axial load is developed. In order to overcome the low computer efficiency of the conventional section integration method in which the reinforced concrete
section is divided into a large number of small areas, an efficient section integration method is used to determine the section tangent stiffness. In this method, the arbitrary shaped cross section is divided into several concrete trapezoids according to boundary vertices, and the contribution of each trapezoid to section stiffness is determined by integrating directly the trapezoid. The space frame flexural theory is utilized to derive the element tangent stiffness matrix. The nonlinear full-range member response is traced by an updated normal plane arc-length solution method. The analytical results agree well with the experimental ones.
Key Words
    slender concrete column; section integration method; finite element; arc-length algorithm; nonlinear analysis.
T.J. Lou and Y.Q. Xiang: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China

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