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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 28, Number 1, January10 2008 , pages 89-105

Soil interaction effects on the performance of compliant liquid column damper for seismic vibration control of short period structures
Ratan Kumar Ghosh and Aparna (Dey) Ghosh

    The paper presents a study on the effects of soil-structure-interaction (SSI) on the performance of the compliant liquid column damper (CLCD) for the seismic vibration control of short period structures. The frequency-domain formulation for the input-output relation of a flexible-base structure with CLCD has been derived. The superstructure has been modeled as a linear, single degreeof- freedom (SDOF) system. The foundation has been considered to be attached to the underlying soil medium through linear springs and viscous dashpots, the properties of which have been represented by complex valued impedance functions. By using a standard equivalent linearization technique, the nonlinear orifice damping of the CLCD has been replaced by equivalent linear viscous damping. A
numerical stochastic study has been carried out to study the functioning of the CLCD for varying degrees of SSI. Comparison of the damper performance when it is tuned to the fixed-base structural frequency and when tuned to the flexible-base structural frequency has been made. The effects of SSI on the optimal value of the orifice damping coefficient of the damper has also been studied. A more convenient approach for designing the damper while considering SSI, by using an established model of a replacement oscillator for the structure-soil system has also been presented. Finally, a simulation study, using a recorded accelerogram, has been carried out on the CLCD performance for the flexible-base structure.
Key Words
    CLCD; SSI; complex valued impedance functions; short period structures; seismic vibration; equivalent SDOF oscillator; time history analysis.
Ratan Kumar Ghosh and Aparna (Dey) Ghosh: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, Howrah, India

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