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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 28, Number 1, January10 2008 , pages 39-52

Shear deformation model for reinforced concrete columns
Halil Sezen

    Column shear failures observed during recent earthquakes and experimental data indicate that shear deformations are typically associated with the amount of transverse reinforcement, column aspect ratio, axial load, and a few other parameters. It was shown that in some columns shear displacements can be significantly large, especially after flexural yielding. In this paper, a piecewise linear model is
developed to predict an envelope of the cyclic shear response including the shear displacement and corresponding strength predictions at the first shear cracking, peak strength, onset of lateral strength
degradation, and loss of axial-load-carrying capacity. Part of the proposed model is developed using the analysis results from the Modified Compression Field Theory (MCFT). The results from the proposed model, which uses simplified equations, are compared with the column test data.
Key Words
    shear deformation; reinforced concrete column; seismic response; shear failure; shear strength degradation.
Halil Sezen: Dept. of Civil and Environment Engineering and Geodetic Science, The Ohio State University, 470 Hitchcock Hall, 2070 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, USA

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