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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 26, Number 5, July30 2007 , pages 517-544

Application of robust fuzzy sliding-mode controller with fuzzy moving sliding surfaces for earthquake-excited structures
Hasan Alli and Oguz Yakut

    This study shows a fuzzy tuning scheme to fuzzy sliding mode controller (FSMC) for seismic isolation of earthquake-excited structures. The sliding surface can rotate in the phase plane in such a direction that the seismic isolation can be improved. Since ideal sliding mode control requires very fast switch on the input, which can not be provided by real actuators, some modifications to the conventional sliding-mode controller have been proposed based on fuzzy logic. A superior control performance has been obtained with FSMC to deal with problems of uncertainty, imprecision and time delay. Furthermore, using the fuzzy moving sliding surface, the excellent system response is obtained if comparing with the conventional sliding mode controller (SMC), as well as reducing chattering effect. For simulation validation of the proposed seismic response control, 16-floor tall building has been considered. Simulations for six different seismic events, Elcentro (1940), Hyogoken (1995), Northridge (1994), Takochi-oki (1968), the east-west acceleration component of Duzce and Bolu records of 1999 Duzce-Bolu earthquake in Turkey, have been performed for assessing the effectiveness of the proposed control approach. Then, the simulations have been presented with figures and tables. As a result, the performance of the proposed controller has been quite remarkable, compared with that of conventional SMC.
Key Words
    fuzzy; moving sliding mode; control; seismic isolation; structures.
Hasan Alli and Oguz Yakut: Firat University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Elazi , Turkey

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