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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 25, Number 2, January30 2007 , pages 147-160

Fuzzy dynamic structural analysis of two-dimensional frame
Petr Štemberk and Jaroslav Kruis

    In this paper, a dynamic analysis based on the fuzzy set theory is presented as a possible complementary tool to the classical stochastic methods for dynamic analyses. Material parameters of a structure are influenced by uncertainties and therefore they are considered to be fuzzy quantities with given distributions, that means fuzzy numbers with given membership functions. The fuzzy dynamic analysis is conducted with help of fuzzy arithmetic defined on the so-called -cuts. The results of the analysis are also obtained in the form of fuzzy numbers, which compared to the stochastic methods is less computationaly expensive while at the same time they still provide information about the distribution of a quantity. This method is demonstrated on an analysis of a two-dimensional frame subjected to possible seismic load, where the uncertain eigenmodes and eigenfrequencies are used in the modal analysis.
Key Words
    earthquake design; eigenfrequencies; eigenmodes; finite element method; fuzzy numbers
Petr Štemberk and Jaroslav Kruis; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University, Th?kurova 7, 166 29 Praha 6, Czech Republic

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