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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 25, Number 1, January10 2007, pages 21-37

Stochastic optimum design criterion of added viscous dampers for buildings seismic protection
Giuseppe Carlo Marano, Francesco Trentadue and Rita Greco

    In this study a stochastic approach for linear viscous dampers design adopted for seismic protection of buildings is developed. Devices optimal placement into the main structure and their mechanical parameters are attained by means of a reliability-based optimum design criterion, in which an objective function (O.F.) is minimized, subject to a stochastic constraint. The seismic input is modelled by a non stationary modulated Kanai Tajimi filtered stochastic process. Building is represented by means of a plane shear type frame model. The selected criterion for the optimization searches the minimum of the O.F., here assumed to be the cost of the seismic protection, i.e., assumed proportional to the sum of added dampings of each device. The stochastic constraint limits a suitable approximated measure of the structure failure probability, here associated to the maximum interstorey drift crossing over a given threshold limit, related, according with modern Technical Codes, to the required damage control.
Key Words
    seismic protection; random vibrations; optimum design; viscous dampers.
Giuseppe Carlo Marano and Francesco Trentadue; Department of Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, Technical University of Bari, viale del Turismo, 10, 74100 Taranto, Italy-EU
Rita Greco; Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Technical University of Bari, via Orabona, 4, 72126 Bari, Italy-EU

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