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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 24, Number 2, September30 2006, pages 269-273

Adaptive finite element buckling analysis of folded plate structures
Myung-Kwan Song, Kyeong-Ho Kim and Sun-Hoon Kim

    In this study, the finite element linear buckling analysis of folded plate structures using adaptive h-refinement methods is presented. The variable-node flat shell element used in this study possesses a drilling D.O.F. which, in addition to improvement of the element behavior, permits an easy connection to other elements with six degrees of freedom per node (CLS element, Choi and Lee 1996). Accordingly, the folded plate structures, for which it is hard to find the analytical solutions, can be analyzed with a relative ease using the developed flat shell elements. Using the adaptive h-refinement procedure, the convergent buckling modes and the critical loads of these modes can be obtained by the buckling analyses of those structures.
Key Words
    CLS element; drilling D.O.F.; folded plate structures; finite element buckling analysis; adaptive h-refinement; super-convergent patch recovery; critical loads; buckling modes
Myung-Kwan Song; R & D Department, Structural Division, Yooshin Engineering Corporation, Seoul 135-936, Korea Republic
Kyeong-Ho Kim; Department of Specific Structures, Chungsuk Engineering CO., LTD., Seoul 138-802, Korea Republic
Sun-Hoon Kim; Department of Civil Engineering, Youngdong University, Chungbuk 370-701, Korea Republic

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