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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 23, Number 2, May30 2006 , pages 163-175

Transient response of a piezoelectric layer with a penny-shaped crack under electromechanical impacts
Wenjie Feng, Yansong Li and DeLiang Ren

    In this paper, the dynamic response of a piezoelectric layer with a penny-shaped crack is investigated. The piezoelectric layer is subjected to an axisymmetrical action of both mechanical and electrical impacts. Two kinds of crack surface conditions, i.e., electrically impermeable and electrically permeable, are adopted. Based upon integral transform technique, the crack boundary value problem is reduced to a system of Fredholm integral equations in the Laplace transform domain. By making use of numerical Laplace inversion the time-dependent dynamic stress and electric displacement intensity factors are obtained, and the dynamic energy release rate is further derived. Numerical results are plotted to show the effects of both the piezoelectric layer thickness and the electrical impact loadings on the dynamic fracture behaviors of the crack tips.
Key Words
    piezoelectric layer; penny-shaped crack; dynamic energy release rate; dynamic stress intensity factor; axis symmetry.
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Shijiazhuang Railway Institute, Shijiazhuang 050043, P. R. China

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