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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 21, Number 1, September10 2005, pages 1-18

Frictional effects on the cyclic response of laterally loaded timber fasteners
Nii Allotey and Ricardo Foschi

    Foschi? connector model is used as a basic component in the development of nonlinear analysis programs for timber structures. This paper presents the extension of the model to include the effect of shaft frictional forces. The wood medium is modeled using the Foschi embedment model, while shaft friction is modeled using an elastic Coulomb-type friction model. The initial confining pressure for the case of driven fasteners is accounted for by a lateral shift of the load-embedment curve. The model is used to compute the cyclic response of both driven and inserted fasteners. The results obtained from the cases studied indicate that initial confining pressure and friction do not have a significant effect on the computed hysteretic response, however, they significantly affect the computed amount of fastener withdrawal. This model is particularly well-suited for modeling the hysteretic response of shear walls with moderate fastener withdrawal under lateral cyclic or earthquake loading.
Key Words
    mechanics-based model; timber fastener; cyclic; load-embedment curve; finite element; withdrawal; friction; initial confining pressure; earthquake.
Nii Allotey; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, Canada
Ricardo Foschi; Department of Civil Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

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