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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 2, Number 2, June 1994, pages 211-215

Effects of modelling on the earthquake response of asymmetrical multistory buildings
David P. Thambiratnam

    Responses of asymmetrical multistorey buildings to earthquakes are obtained by quasi-static code approach and real time dynamic analysis, using two different structural models. In the first model, all vertical members are assumed to be restrained at the slab levels and hence their end rotations, about horizontal axes, are taken as zero. In the second model this restriction is removed and the rotation is assumed to be proportional to the lateral stiffness of the member. A simple microcomputer based procedure is used in the analyses, by both models. Numerical examples are presented where results obtained from both the models are given. Effects of modelling on the response of three buildings, each with a different type and degree of asymmetry, are studied. Results for deflections and shear forces are presented and the effects of the type of model on the response are discussed.
Key Words
    asymmetry; multistorey building; torsional coupling; core; twisting; earthquake loads; quasi-static method; dynamic analysis; modelling; degrees of freedom.
School of Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland 4001, Australia

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