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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 16, Number 5, Novermber 2003, pages 533-556
On complex flutter and buckling analysis of a beam structure subjected to static follower force
Q. Wang

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    The flutter and buckling analysis of a beam structure subjected to a static follower force is completely studied in the paper. The beam is fixed in the transverse direction and constrained by a rotational spring at one end, and by a translational spring and a rotational spring at the other end. The co-existence of flutter and buckling in this beam due to the presence of the follower force is an interesting and important phenomenon. The results from this theoretical analysis will be useful for the stability design of structures in engineering applications, such as the potential of flutter control of aircrafts by smart materials. The transition-curve surface for differentiating the two distinct instability regions of the beam is first obtained with respect to the variations of the stiffness of the springs at the two ends. Second, the capacity of the follower force is derived for flutter and buckling of the beam as a function of the stiffness of the springs by observing the variation of the first two frequencies obtained from dynamic analysis of the beam. The research in the paper may be used as a benchmark for the flutter and buckling analysis of beams.
Key Words
    flutter analysis; buckling analysis; stability of structures; linearized approach, structural analysis; Euler-Bernoulli beam; follower force.
Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering,
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816-2450, USA

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