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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 14, Number 2, August 2002, pages 191-208
Pressure-temperature limit curve for reactor vessel evaluated by ASME code
Jhung MJ, Kim SH, Jung SG

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    A comparative assessment study for a generation of the pressure-temperature (P-T) limit curve of a reactor vessel is performed in accordance with ASME code. Using cooling or heating rate and vessel material properties, stress distribution is obtained to calculate stress intensity factors, which are compared with the material fracture toughness to determine the relations between operating pressure and temperature during reactor cool-down and heat-up. P-T limit curves are analyzed with respect to defect orientation, clad thickness, toughness curve, cooling or heating rate and neutron fluence. The resulting P-T curves are compared each other.
Key Words
    pressure-temperature limit curve, fracture toughness, stress intensity factor, heat-up, cool-down, reactor vessel, ASME code
Jhung MJ, Korea Inst Nucl Safety, Yusong Gu, 19 Kusong Dong, Taejon 305338, South Korea
Korea Inst Nucl Safety, Yusong Gu, Taejon 305338, South Korea
Korea Power Engn Co Inc, Yongin 449713, Kyunggi Do, South Korea

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