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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 11, Number 5, May 2001, pages 565-574
Deformation characteristics of brick masonry due to partial unloading
Milad M. AlShebani(Libya) and S.N. Sinha(India)

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    Experimental investigation into the behaviour of half-scale brick masonry panels were
conducted under cyclic loading normal to the bed joint and parallel to the bed joint. For each cycle, full
reloading was performed with the cycle peaks coinciding approximately with the envelope curve.
Unloading, however, was carried out fully to zero stress level and partially to two different stress levels of
25 percent and 50 percent of peak stress. Stability point limit exhibits a unique stress-strain curve for full
unloading but it could not be established for partial unloading. Common point limit was established for all
unloading-reloading patterns considered, but its location depends on the stress level at which unloading is
carried to. Common point curves were found to follow an exponential formula, while residual strains
versus envelope strains can be expressed by a polynomial function of a single term. The relation between
residual strain and envelope strain can be used to determine the stress level at which deterioration due to
cyclic loading began.
Key Words
    partial unloading; reloading; residual strain; common point; stability point.
Milad M. AlShebani, Department of Civil Engineering, AlFateh University, Tripoli, Libya
S.N. Sinha, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, India

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